Clean Air Day 15th June 2023


  • Clean Air Day 2023, the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, falls on Thursday 15th June 2023.
  • Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk in the UK.
  • Our Richmonds Daikin Sustainable Home Centre has some tips on how we can reduce air pollution in our local areas.

Thursday 15th June marks Clean Air Day 2023, the UK’s largest air pollution reduction campaign. Residents across Scotland are being urged to get involved to help tackle air pollution in their area by Richmonds and Daikin, the UK’s leading heat pump manufacturer.

Our Sustainable Home Centre Team notes, “Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk in the UK and there’s plenty we can all do to do our bit in tackling this issue.

Using public transport, joining car share clubs or walking short distance trips are all brilliant ways to reduce air pollution one journey at a time.

But making bigger changes can have a more significant impact. Unlike traditional fossil fuel heating systems, heat pumps don’t produce air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide or sulphur dioxide at the point of use.

As part of Daikin’s Sustainable Home Network, we have already seen many more people become interested in heat pumps as the cost of energy soars. Heat pumps can also play a significant role in reducing emissions and increasing our energy efficiency, as they are up to four times more energy efficient than fossil fuel boilers. In fact, one household switching to a heat pump offsets the carbon emissions of running a petrol car.

With government subsidies making heat pumps more accessible than ever, it’s the ideal time to see how heat pumps could fit into your homes and lives.”

Daikin has recently sponsored the Daikin Centre, a new 1608m2 venue that houses the BBC Earth Experience at Earl’s Court in London. The sponsorship includes a mural created by artist Vic Lee, recently unveiled to help celebrate Clean Air Day. The piece was created using an Air-Ink® pen, which captures carbon particles from the environment and recycles them into ink, and depicts ways businesses and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

Visitors to the Daikin Centre can find out more about low carbon heating solutions and the suitability of their property from Daikin’s experts at the nearby Daikin Climate Zone. People can work out their carbon footprint and get tips on reducing it by using the calculator on Daikin’s website.