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Welcome to our Sustainable Home Centre serving customers throughout Scotland from our new heat pump sales, system design and training centre in Glasgow. We are excited to be offering new product sales and key services to a growing sector of the heating market: heat pumps, the sustainable heating choice.

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The focus of our centre is twofold: supply heat pumps to both the heating trade and homeowners together with providing training for heat pump installers.

In addition to heat pump sales, we are currently offering Daikin UK Accredited Courses in installation and will be introducing commissioning courses in 2023. We are also able to offer installers assistance with design and specification of heat pump systems for all types of buildings – be it new build or retro-fit, commercial or residential properties.

Contact us today to discuss your sustainable heating requirements for your business and your home.

Our SHC Team

Roy Burgoyne
Sustainable Home Centre Manager
07586 700 302

Chris Morris
Sustainable Home Centre Sales Manager
07778 363 365

Join us as we explore this journey away from the heating industry’s current reliance on fossil fuels towards heating our homes in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.