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Are there different types of showers?

Showering technology innovation over the years has now resulted in a huge selection of showers: from basic mixer showers to power showers and high-tech digital showers. So which type should you choose?

A common type, the mixer shower combines the hot and cold water supplies in the shower unit. They are most often used for shower baths - turn on the bath taps, switch the supply to the shower head and away you go!

These work in essentially the same way as the mixer shower but with the added extra of a booster pump to improve the water-pressure from the shower.

Electric showers operate using the cold water system alone, heating the water in the shower unit itself. The hot water in an electric shower is therefore separate from your home’s hot water system and allows you to have instant hot water (rather than having to wait for the hot water supply to heat up before showering).

Digital showers are the newest in showering technology, allowing you to programme your showering experience at the click of a button. They operate in the same way as mixer showers by taking water from the hot and cold supply in your home but you set your perfect showering temperature using the digital panel in the shower (rather than manually adjusting the hot and cold taps each time you shower).

Showers Buying Guide
Mixer Shower

Showers Buying Guide
Quadrant Shower

What about shower enclosures?

In addition to choosing the type of shower you would like, the showering enclosure must be carefully thought-out, depending on the size of your bathroom and the space available.

This popular style of shower has a circular front and fits into a right-angled corner, maximising showering space whilst taking up minimal space in your bathroom.

Walk-in & Walk-through
Walk-in and walk-through enclosures are a luxurious showering experience created by a glass enclosure without doors and often incorporating a drying area. Combined with a low level shower-tray, walk-in and walk-through showers feel spacious and light.

Frameless showering enclosures are very modern, stylish and easy to keep clean. Unlike other showering enclosures, frameless showers do not have metal frames holding them together - the glass is heat-treated to make it stronger and more durable, removing the need for metal frames.

Wet Rooms
Waterproof the whole room and install a walk-in or walk-through shower to create a minimalist, open design.

Let’s be practical…

So you’ve chosen your shower and showering enclosure, but have you checked that your choice is practical for your bathroom shape and size?

• First step: check what type of shower would suit the plumbing and water pressure in your home - ask your plumber for advice before choosing your new shower.

• Consider the type of door you might need on your showering enclosure based on the size of your bathroom and space available. A large bathroom could take a hinged door, whereas a small bathroom might need a sliding or folding door.

• A quadrant or square showering enclosure will work well in small spaces, and consider an inset-shower if your bathroom has a recess or alcove.

Showers Buying Guide
Walk-in Shower Enclosure

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