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How can I create storage space in my bathroom?

Bathrooms today are often multi-functional – a calming space to take a relaxing bath, a practical zone for children’s bath-time and, above all, a place to store all manner of necessities from toiletries and towels to everyday first aid medicines. Bathroom storage has become a priority and so it is perhaps unsurprising that there is such a diverse range of furniture on offer.

Shelves are a great addition to a bathroom – particularly for easy access to towels (neatly arranged of course)! An awkward corner or recess in your bathroom could lend itself to a set of shelves to increase bathroom storage without encroaching on the room.

Small bathrooms need not become cluttered with bathroom accessories and toiletries. Instead, why not hide your items in wall-mounted units, creating additional storage space without encroaching on floorspace. Mirror cabinets can enhance the illusion of space, whilst providing useful cupboard space.

Under-basin units
These are a very popular option and perform the dual function of concealing the pipework and creating storage space for your bathroom products.

Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide
Wall units & shelving

Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide
Fitted Furniture

Freestanding or fitted furniture?

Freestanding units are a great solution to bathroom storage if you are looking to add extra storage to an existing bathroom, particularly large bathrooms. You can use freestanding furniture as a statement piece: find a bold design to compliment your bathroom suite. What’s more, freestanding units can move around the room if you choose to redesign your bathroom – or even move home with you!

Fitted furniture is a very popular choice when installing a new bathroom. The possible combinations are almost endless, with furniture manufacturers often offering a bespoke service to create fitted furniture that works specifically within the dimensions of your new bathroom. Fitted units are also excellent space savers for small bathrooms - both concealing pipework and creating storage space in one unit.

Let’s be practical…

Bathroom furniture is, by its very nature, a practical addition to your new bathroom. Here are some tips when choosing the type of bathroom storage that works for you:

• If you are tight on floorspace, consider using the walls to mount storage units.

• All bathrooms need a mirror – why not combine the mirror with a wall cabinet to minimize wall coverage but maximize storage space?

• Check your dimensions very carefully before ordering: this is particularly important for fitted furniture as it is often made to order.

• Most fitted bathroom furniture has sealed edges and is made with water-resistant materials. However, be careful to check that freestanding furniture is suitable for use in a bathroom – the moist air can mean that certain types of furniture suffer from damp or mould if placed in a bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide
Wall-unit & under basin unit

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